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Barry Zalma, Esq, CFE is the author, producer, and narrator of many available training programs designed to assist insurance claims people to become insurance claims professionals.

Insurance policies are contracts, and to understand insurance policies each party must recognize how all contracts, and specifically insurance contracts, are interpreted.  Barry Zalma, as an insurance coverage attorney and consultant with more than 55-years experience, is uniquely qualified to create training programs and webinars on how to interpret an insurance policy as it applies to a specific fact situation, how to conduct a thorough and professional investigation of an insurance claim and how to resolve disputes concerning insurance coverage, insurance claims or insurance fraud.

Barry Zalma is an insurance coverage consultant and Certified Fraud Examiner who now limits his practice to consultation, arbitration or mediation of insurance disputes. He is the founder of Barry Zalma, Inc., a California law firm whose practice emphasized the representation of insurers and those in the business of insurance.

Mr. Zalma is the author of many books, e-books, continuing education courses, and articles relating to insurance coverage, insurance claims handling and insurance litigation. His books and e-books on Insurance Claims, Construction Defects, Mold, Insurance Law and insurance fraud are available from, Thomson Reuters Available here, the American Bar Association; ClaimSchool, Inc. at the Insurance Claims Library

He is an internationally recognized expert on insurance claims handling, insurance coverage, insurance fraud investigations, the commercial general liability policy, the comprehensive general liability policy, the homeowners policy, all first and third party insurance policies,  inland marine coverages, and the tort of bad faith.

You can reach Barry Zalma through ClaimSchool, Inc 4441 Sepulveda Boulevard, CULVER CITY CA 90230; Tel: 310-390-4455,  E-Mail:

You can also see his free insurance claims videos at at https://zalma or Videos from Barry Zalma on YouTube, or Listen to the Podcast: Zalma on Insurance,  Twitter: @bzalma.

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