ClaimSchool Training Programs

Barry Zalma Presents What You Need to Become an Insurance Claims Professional

Mr. Zalma’s presentations are practical, thought-provoking, entertaining and will not cause you to reevaluate your budget. Barry is enthusiastically committed to professionalism in insurance and insurance claims. He positively influences other insurance professionals through the spoken and written word. He specializes in clarifying the importance of insurance in a modern society and in  making insurance understandable.

You will profit from subscribing to the ClaimSchool series of educational programs and learn everything you need to know to be a professional property and casualty insurance claims professional.

If you wish your organization to obtain a license to use the training produced by Mr. Zalma contact him at ClaimSchool, Inc. at 310-390-4455 or to discuss licensing fees.

You can expect:

  • Clear and understandable presentations that are useful to the novice claims person but will also entice the person who believes he or she is most experienced claims person in the organization where he or she is employed.
  • The ability to enhance communications between claims and legal service providers.
  • Methods to make claims operations more cost effective.
  • Basic investigative techniques.
  • Advanced investigative techniques.
  • Advanced interviewing techniques.
  • How to examine an insured under oath.
  • Improved recognition of the indicators or “red flags of fraud.”
  • Better understanding of how to deal with people presenting claims.
  • Methods to achieve a quantifiable reduction in claims expenses and indemnity payments.
  • In addition Mr. Zalma will create a one or more programs to meet your specific needs.

Publications Available

In addition to the training classes ClaimSchool publishes Zalma’s Insurance Fraud Letter twice a month, the blog Zalma on Insurance, and e-books written by Barry Zalma available on line through and various other publishers.

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Subscribe to “Zalma on Insurance” at where you can access the program “Excellence in Claims Handling” for a small fee.

If you want to license the full “Excellence in Claims Handling” program for use by your entire organization a license is available for a one time license fee of only $1,000.00 by contacting Mr. Zalma at

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